31 Days of Meat-and-Drama-Free Living

I heard this fabulous interview on Progressive Radio Network and  thought, Holy Moly this is perfecto for my No Meat March peeps! The guest on the first half of the show is the author of “Sister Vegetarian’s 31-Day Days of Drama Free Living,” and she hits on a very important point for first timers: The hardest part of becoming vegetarian is handling all of the drama and societal pressure that is suddenly hitting you from all directions. Your co-workers, family, and even strangers are going to begin to question and even try to discourage you. You may expect the hardest adjustment to be your new food choices, but eating and preparing delicious foods is for most the easiest part of the journey!

Give the interview a listen while cooking, cleaning or pumping iron today and take the positive words of advice and encouragement to heart. I ordered the book right away – looking forward to taking the 31-day Drama-Free challenge myself when it comes in the mail!

Until the book comes, I’m just going to create space within my loveable green shell to stay alert for provoking displays of drama from my fellow humans. I will close my eyes, relax, and breathe in and out for ten counts each, just like I learned in my court-ordered anger management class. I will then be polite and nice to the meat-eater acting all possessed and crazy and attacking me. You catch more flies with Agave syrup than with Umeboshi Plum Vinegar 🙂

Peace, my Pea Peeps. And Happy Day 2 of No Meat March, my little Marchlings!

P.S. Here’s a funny YouTube video of common things you can expect to hear from meat eaters. Oddly, the longer you live a life of compassionate consumption the more apparent it will be how these same questions are being repeated over, and over… and over… and it’s even more strange how the same words are coming out of so many different mouths! The phrases are so common and predictable that a bingo board has even been created 🙂

UPDATE: The original link to the radio interview was broken and it has been corrected!


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