Fish 101 – Knowledge is Power

A common question you might be hearing is, “Oh, so do you eat fish?” After the 17th time you hear a comment the urge to slap your forehead will be near impossible. To avoid permanent red marks on your face, inform yourself about why eating fish is a Terrible Awful Horrible No-Good Very Bad Thing.

There are tragic misconceptions that eating seafood is no big deal environmentally or health-wise. It is vital as a newly crowned Planeteer that you make time to watch a quick 20 minutes to watch this TED talk to get an overview of the situation – perhaps on your smart phone while you enjoy that yummy taco salad with black beans and extra guac.

If you don’t want to spend 20 minutes today, watch the 1 minute trailer at instead. The info in these 60 seconds of film is enough to shock you.

Lastly, here’s a thorough article on overfishing if you are the scholarly type and prefer to read things If we continue fishing as we are now, there will be no more fish in 2048. If you’re sad or angry and you want to find out more ways to help, besides not eating sea animals, check out the non-profit Sea Shepherd Society

As part of No Meat March Dr Will Tuttle will be sure to address the immorality of eating fish and other sea creatures during his much-anticipated talk on March 23rd – mark your calendar now! Could it be that the future of human life and the dignity of human beings depends on saving our oceans? Research and decide for yourself, just remember the Pea Pod is always right.

Oh, and this photo taken from above the Gulf of Mexico shows sediment trails left by trawling – when ships drag an evil piece of metal across the ocean floor, destroying the natural underwater “forest” and leaving only mud. Sort of like clear-cutting the rainforest. Oh, the nets used in fishing also catch and kill dolphins, sea turtles, and other beautiful defenseless “inedible” creatures. Now I’m getting pissed so peace out for now – remember, you’re already doing the most important step by abstaining from all meat for one month. Every little bit helps, and you can also donate to non-profits like Sea Shepherd to help save the Oceans. Peace.



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