Plant-Based Humor

Yesterday’s Pea Pod post was super sad, scary and angering, so now that you’re all fired up and motivated to save our Oceans (pst, we can do it!!), here are 3 hilarious vegan/vegetarian YouTube videos to help you de-stress and stay positive:

“[Shiznit] Vegans Say”
“My Drunk Kitchen – Raw Vegan Cheesecake”
“Vegan Police”

Oh what the helicopter, here’s one more πŸ™‚
“The Three Stages of Cheeseless Pizza”

Oooh wait wait, have you heard of the Vegan Black Metal Chef?? I think he is scary but many others find him funny:

If you know if any funny Vegan/Vegetarian videos/photos put a link in the comments!


Fish 101 – Knowledge is Power

A common question you might be hearing is, “Oh, so do you eat fish?” After the 17th time you hear a comment the urge to slap your forehead will be near impossible. To avoid permanent red marks on your face, inform yourself about why eating fish is a Terrible Awful Horrible No-Good Very Bad Thing.

There are tragic misconceptions that eating seafood is no big deal environmentally or health-wise. It is vital as a newly crowned Planeteer that you make time to watch a quick 20 minutes to watch this TED talk to get an overview of the situation – perhaps on your smart phone while you enjoy that yummy taco salad with black beans and extra guac.

If you don’t want to spend 20 minutes today, watch the 1 minute trailer at instead. The info in these 60 seconds of film is enough to shock you.

Lastly, here’s a thorough article on overfishing if you are the scholarly type and prefer to read things If we continue fishing as we are now, there will be no more fish in 2048. If you’re sad or angry and you want to find out more ways to help, besides not eating sea animals, check out the non-profit Sea Shepherd Society

As part of No Meat March Dr Will Tuttle will be sure to address the immorality of eating fish and other sea creatures during his much-anticipated talk on March 23rd – mark your calendar now! Could it be that the future of human life and the dignity of human beings depends on saving our oceans? Research and decide for yourself, just remember the Pea Pod is always right.

Oh, and this photo taken from above the Gulf of Mexico shows sediment trails left by trawling – when ships drag an evil piece of metal across the ocean floor, destroying the natural underwater “forest” and leaving only mud. Sort of like clear-cutting the rainforest. Oh, the nets used in fishing also catch and kill dolphins, sea turtles, and other beautiful defenseless “inedible” creatures. Now I’m getting pissed so peace out for now – remember, you’re already doing the most important step by abstaining from all meat for one month. Every little bit helps, and you can also donate to non-profits like Sea Shepherd to help save the Oceans. Peace.


31 Days of Meat-and-Drama-Free Living

I heard this fabulous interview on Progressive Radio Network andΒ  thought, Holy Moly this is perfecto for my No Meat March peeps! The guest on the first half of the show is the author of “Sister Vegetarian’s 31-Day Days of Drama Free Living,” and she hits on a very important point for first timers: The hardest part of becoming vegetarian is handling all of the drama and societal pressure that is suddenly hitting you from all directions. Your co-workers, family, and even strangers are going to begin to question and even try to discourage you. You may expect the hardest adjustment to be your new food choices, but eating and preparing delicious foods is for most the easiest part of the journey!

Give the interview a listen while cooking, cleaning or pumping iron today and take the positive words of advice and encouragement to heart. I ordered the book right away – looking forward to taking the 31-day Drama-Free challenge myself when it comes in the mail!

Until the book comes, I’m just going to create space within my loveable green shell to stay alert for provoking displays of drama from my fellow humans. I will close my eyes, relax, and breathe in and out for ten counts each, just like I learned in my court-ordered anger management class. I will then be polite and nice to the meat-eater acting all possessed and crazy and attacking me. You catch more flies with Agave syrup than with Umeboshi Plum Vinegar πŸ™‚

Peace, my Pea Peeps. And Happy Day 2 of No Meat March, my little Marchlings!

P.S. Here’s a funny YouTube video of common things you can expect to hear from meat eaters. Oddly, the longer you live a life of compassionate consumption the more apparent it will be how these same questions are being repeated over, and over… and over… and it’s even more strange how the same words are coming out of so many different mouths! The phrases are so common and predictable that a bingo board has even been created πŸ™‚

UPDATE: The original link to the radio interview was broken and it has been corrected!

Holla at me world!

To commemorate No Meat March 2012, I, the fantastical GGG Pea Pod, hearby do unveil the official GGG Pea Pod Blog, heretofor to be known as “The GGG Pea Pod Blog of Fantastical Awesomenocity,” or at least until I change the name like next Tuesday or whatever.

For those who have signed up for No Meat March , (and if you have not you still can all the way up to March 31), look out for my addition to the daily email of support and encouragement and fun and knowledge, “The Pea Pod Sez…”

Last night as I was chillin in a bed of leafy greens with my ladyfriend Ms. Carrot, we shared a quiet moment of peace and gratitude for the launch of NMM 2012 and all that is to come. Hundreds of Jacksonvillian peeps have signed up and will come together in fellowship, some even forming lifelong friendships or experiencing what Oprah likes to call an “Aha! Moment”, a life altering event. Consciousnesses will be lifted and raised, the Earth and all its living beings will gain new ambassadors and protectors. Hippy Dippy shit like that. And we are so grateful to be a part of it.

The newly updated calendar of events is here, the generous discount incentives to save you $$$ are here, a hot and sexy video of me dancing with my ladyfriends is here, and here are 57 Health reasons to take the No Meat March pledge as a first step in your journey to better health and the diet that is right for you.

Peace mah veggies!!